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Volunteering at Potrero War

On-line volunteer sign-ups are now closed. Please see the volunteer autocrat at base camp during the event if you'd like to volunteer - we can always use people!

Welcome to another glorious year at Potrero war. Join us in the exciting quest to save the kingdom from the mighty Dragon and make this war the best year to date. This year your volunteer hours will take equivalent hit points off of the dragon for the hours, and shifts that you work. Some shifts are worth more hit points than others (see below). Also those that give six or more hours per day will deal a critical hit to the Dragon and are entered into the race for most hours donated, and most notable volunteer to win the coveted dragons egg prize awarded by me Theresa Al Kin in court on Sunday.

As in years past your volunteer hours also count towards raffle tickets for the raffle after court on Sunday. These tickets can be used to win prizes from the Dragons hoard. You also win salvage tokens for the Plunder games. Look for announcements in the future for Salvage token incentives.

In Service to the Dream,

Theresa "Tessa" Al Kin

Why Volunteer?

SCA wars run on volunteers.

Without them there wouldn't be "SCA ->" direction signs on the way to the event. No Gate staff to answer questions and welcome newcomers. No marshals to keep the combatants and audience safe. No constables to help maintain safety after dark. No Herald's Cry to let you know you're late for armor inspection.

Part of the wonder of the SCA is that there is a place for everyone. We value each others' talents and abilities, and that includes the gift of pitching in.

Partying with your friends is fun, but volunteering is a great way to meet new people or check out new activities, or even find new parties.

If you are new to the SCA, volunteering is a wonderful way to get a back stage pass to the workings of war and the SCA in general. You get the chance to see your local Shire, Canton or Barony being a part of the greater whole of the SCA. And its especially fun when you get a group of your friends to work as a team at a specific task (like the singing trash crew).

The Hospitality crew provides drinks and snacks so you can maintain your strength while you serve. Signing up for a shift is easy, and by serving even just a single shift you're helping make war a fun experience for everyone, including yourself. And service to others is an important part of the nobility that we're recreating in the SCA.

The Procedure

Use the “Sign-up to volunteer” link at the top of the page to select shifts online before war. If you want to volunteer but can't commit to a specific shift, sign up in the Volunteer Pool.

You can also sign up on site with the Volunteer Staff at Gate or Base Camp.

Get your Volunteer Card from the Volunteer Staff.

Record your scheduled shifts on your Volunteer Card as a reminder of where you'll be serving. We're counting on you to be there at the time and day you indicated, please don't let us down!

Get your shift signed off by the shift lead or attending steward.

You can donate your volunteer hours to official guilds and territorial groups, earning them funds for every hour you serve. Note who you want to receive your hours on your volunteer card.

Return your completed Volunteer Card back to the Volunteer Staff! This helps us plan better for future wars, and lets us know who to give funds for your volunteer time.

Donate Your Volunteer Hours

Your volunteer hours generate funds for formally recognized SCA groups and activities. The revenue generated from Volunteer hours is an important fundraiser for many SCA groups. Make sure you state the SCA group where you would like your Volunteer Hour funds to be contributed. Households are not eligible to receive Volunteer Hour funds. If no recognized group is stated, the funds will go to the Barony of Calafia.

Youth Volunteer Opportunities

Youth (ages 13+) can also find volunteer opportunities to help at War. Please keep your eyes open in the volunteer sign-up page description to see if they accept youth volunteers!

Volunteer Raffle

Each year the Volunteer Raffle is one of the highlights for those who contribute time at War. The raffle will be held following Closing Court on Sunday.

When you complete your registered shift, record the start and end times on your Volunteer Card. At the end of your shift, have your Shift Leader initial the card on the line indicating where you worked. When you have completed volunteering at War, turn in your Volunteer Card to Base Camp in exchange for raffle tickets.

Some tasks/times are eligible to receive double (or even TRIPLE) raffle tickets!

Volunteer Raffle DONATIONS!

We are accepting donations of NEW or LIKE NEW items for the volunteer raffle. All donations may be dropped off at base camp throughout War. Let the volunteers know that you appreciate their hard work so you can have a great war!

Positions Not Listed

There are some venues not listed in this directory, though they need volunteer assistance. Contact the Volunteer Steward at base camp to sign-up and donate your hours as generously as possible. Giving a few hours lightens the load for everyone. With your assistance we look forward to a great War!

Volunteer for Setup Crew

Volunteers are needed for the Setup Crew, to help prepare the war site for our guests.
The requirements to be considered for Setup Crew are:

  • able to lift 30lbs or more
  • stand on your feet for 30 minutes at a time
  • able walk the entire length of the park several times in a single day
  • have Paid Pre-Registration

Please NOTE, by registering you are expressing your interest to serve on the Setup Crew. Volunteers will be notified of their acceptance status by the Event Stewards.

Setup Crew is now closed. Thank you for your interest.

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