Potrero War

Countdown To Potrero War
Thursday May 21, 2015 - Monday May 25, 2015

War Stewards

Position Steward Email
Event Steward (Co-Steward) THL Maggie Rose
Event Steward (Co-Steward) THL Margeret Kerne
Event Steward (Deputy) Lady Arnˇra Tryggvasdˇttir
Archery Lord Patricus Arcurius
Armored Combat Lord Tiberius Finn
Arts & Science Lady Euginia in rau­a
Arts & Science (Deputy) Lady Grainne ingen Tomais
Arts & Science (Deputy) Isolde de Fetherestan
Bardic (Co-Steward) Isolde de Fetherestan
Bardic (Co-Steward) THL Belasset de Casal Drago
Base Camp (Co-Steward) Shulamit
Base Camp (Co-Steward) THL Deirdre Oilithreach
Calafian Baron Baron Guy Rand Gallandon
Calafian Baroness Baroness Muirenn ingen Donndubßin
Chatelaine Lord Ponš lo Bon Ome
Chatelaine (Deputy) Baroness Celeste d'Arles
Constable THL Seraphina Lilje
Consulting Herald Lady Ariana verch Gwenllian
Exchequer Mistress Lasairionae inghean Gheibheannaigh
Gate Mistress Fia Naheed
Gate (Deputy) Lady Samim Ayn ed Hayat
Gate (Deputy) Lady Mattea
Gate Flyer THL Dagny Starka­rdottir
Gate Flyer (Deputy) Lord Liam Makfersan
Hay Bales Eblenn an uncaire
Hospitality (Battle Field) (Co-Steward) Lady Nonne Reerdan
Hospitality (Battle Field) (Co-Steward) Lady Tatiana Kuzmina doch' Brahznikova
Hospitality (Co-Steward) Mistress Ellyn of Tanwayour
Hospitality (Co-Steward) Tatiana Dragon Lady
Hound Coursing Vacant
Land Allocation Mistress Adelicia of Caithness
Lists Lady Tierrynna CaerNarvon
Logistics (Co-Steward) Lady Giovanna Ricci
Logistics (Co-Steward) Lady Ysabeau Boucher
Marshal THL Marco Solario
Media Lady Arnˇra Tryggvasdˇttir
Merchants (Co-Steward) Lady Gemma Rohesia
Merchants (Co-Steward) Lady Eleanora Di Gerardi
Parking Dead Tom
Parking Lot Setup Darius da Carrara
Parking Lot Setup (Deputy) Dead Tom
Porter (Co-Steward) Lord Perregrin Smythe
Porter (Co-Steward) Lord Talan Tanki
Potty-crat Astor (Crimson Brotherhood)
Pre-Registration THL Madeleine Ashbury
Rapier Rhydderch Derwen
Scriptorium Lord Ponš lo Bon Ome
Siege Cookoff Dame Catherine deSteele
Signs & Flyers Lord Liam Makfersan
Signs & Flyers (Deputy) THL Dagny Starka­rdottir
Thrown Weapons Vacant
Town Crier Lady Ariana verch Gwenllian
Trash Crew Vacant
UnArmored Combat Lord Orion Martyn
Volunteers (Co-Steward) Lord Domhnall O`Loirgea`in
Volunteers (Co-Steward) THL Curteis Fitz Osborne
War Buyer THL Abigail Chandler of Caithness
Webwright Lord Darius da Carrara
Youth Bryan Fayre
Youth Combat THL Arianne Lightheart

*NOTE: THLady and THLord are short for "The Honorable Lady" and "The Honorable Lord"

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