Potrero War
Countdown To Potrero War
Thursday May 25, 2017 - Monday May 29, 2017

Rules and Regulations

Potrero War is an SCA corporate event put on by the members of the society. Attendees at Potrero War are there as guests of the Barony of Calafia, and are expected to abide by all site rules and regulations for the duration of the event. The following regulations are put in place by the SCA Inc, Barony of Calafia, in accordance with SCA corpora and modern county rules and regulations. These site rules are intended to complement the County Park rules and in some cases will be more restrictive than County Park rules. This is necessary to protect the health and safety of those attending the event, as well as ensure our ability to be fully in compliance with all County and State regulations.

All individuals attending Potrero War are responsible for complying with all modern laws, County Park Rules, and SCA regulations while they are on site. When you sign the registration form at Gate, you are agreeing to follow these regulations. All rules and regulations will be enforced by the Potrero War Steward Staff, Constabulary, and the Potrero County Park staff. The event staff will be diligently and stringently enforcing all site rules detailed in the Gate Booklet. Please be aware that violations of these regulations will not be tolerated, and will be immediately dealt with as appropriate.

If violations of modern civil laws occur, the SCA will not be responsible for the individuals committing the violations, and the modern authorities will be called immediately. Violations of County park regulations will be addressed by the Ranger Staff. Violations of SCA site rules or Corpora will be handled on a case by case basis, and may result in immediate or future sanctions depending on the severity of the violations. Repeated violators may be removed from site as allowed by SCA Corpora at the discretion of the Baronial or Kingdom Seneschal, without refund. It is within the purview of the Seneschallate to eject from the event any individuals or groups who are posing a threat to the health or safety of event attendees, who are in violation of modern laws or SCA regulations, or whose actions or behavior are disrupting the event or interfering with the event staff's ability to effectively run the event.

The SCA is a society based on the values of courtesy and chivalry. Please be respectful to those around you while you are on site.


ALCOHOL: Underage drinking will not be tolerated at Potrero War. Intoxicated minors and their parents/guardians will be removed from site without refund. Intoxicated underage adults will be removed from site without refund. The sheriff will be called. If a household or individual is found to be providing alcohol to underage individuals, that household or individual will be removed from site without refund. All households or individuals who are providing alcohol are responsible for making sure that the individuals they are providing it to are of legal age. If a household is hosting a party, that household is expected to check ID appropriately. If you are drinking, you are required to carry a valid, legal form of ID on you. The constabulary and war staff will be asking to see identification if underage drinking is suspected.

Per the park regulations, alcohol in excess of 20% by volume is not permitted in the park. As a reminder, all guests agree to abide by the park rules and regulations when signing in at gate. If you have any questions about Potrero Park rules, you can look them up on the county park website here: http://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/parks/faqs1.html .

NOISE CURFEWS: There are now only two noise curfew zones at Potrero War. Quiet hours are as follows: Sleepy Hollow 11PM - 7AM; All other camping 1AM-7AM. Camps must limit loud drumming, chanting, singing, yelling, horns, etc. during those hours. These noise curfews will be enforced by the constabulary and ranger staff; please also be aware that the Rangers may choose to enforce quiet hours between 11PM - 7AM throughout the site. This does not mean that all festivities must stop completely during Curfew Hours, but it means activities and loud sounds must be reduced so they are not disruptive for attendees in adjoining camps. Revelers should be aware that loud and group noises do carry. Most complaints are regarding howling at the moon, drumming, and other loud, rhythmic sounds, such as applause. Please be aware of your surroundings and be courteous to your neighbors.

PUBLIC DECENCY REGULATIONS: Calafia's Potrero War is a family environment. All adult activities must be conducted exclusively within the confines of private tents or completely walled private encampments. All modern decency laws are still in force even within encampments. Bondage equipment, lewd behavior, inappropriate dress, and nudity will not be tolerated in public areas of the site.

DRESS CODE: Garb appropriate to the SCA period is required for all attendees at all times, with the exception of day trippers. All day trippers must be off site no later than 7PM each day. If you do not have period-appropriate garb, it can be purchased from the vendors in merchants row, or borrowed from the Baronial Chatelaine. Inquire at basecamp.

NO PARKING OR DRIVING OFF THE PAVED ROAD: Loading and unloading is permitted from the paved area only. Unpaved dirt paths are for foot traffic, emergency vehicles, event trash truck & trailer, and park staff vehicle access ONLY! Parking along the edges of paved roads is for vehicle unloading only; all vehicles parked along roads must be moved as soon as the vehicles are unloaded. There is no parking at any time permitted on the one-lane bridge near the battle field.

UNAUTHORIZED COMBAT ACTIVITIES: All combat activities (including youth combat) must take place within an approved eric or battlefield. The event must be supervised by the appropriate marshallate and lists personnel.


ALL FIRES MUST BE EXTINGUISHED BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 11PM AND 7AM All wood fires, campfires, candles, and candle lanterns must be completely extinguished by 11PM.

Propane stoves, lanterns, and fire pits that have an automatic shut off (such as an on/off switch) may be used between 11PM and 7AM.

ALL fires must be monitored at ALL TIMES, this includes candles, and candle lanterns. The attendant must be alert, knowledgeable of the location of the nearest fire extinguisher, and know how to use it.

FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ARE REQUIRED for each tent, each kitchen and each fire pit.

All lanterns must be enclosed and secured.

Candles must be in enclosed containers.

Torches (of any kind) are absolutely forbidden.

No fires or flames of ANY kind inside your tent or pavilion.

Fire extinguishers must be within plain view and easy access of the source of the flame.

Fire extinguishers may be purchased at the Potrero Store.

Campfires are restricted to the provided pits or fire pits/braziers with a 6-inch vertical outer edge.

Non-permanent fire pits and braziers must have a 10 foot clearing around them, a 10 foot clearing above them, and be either at least 12" off the ground or have a heat shield. If it's too hot for your hand between the fire and the ground, it's a problem!

Do not burn aluminum cans or plastic products in the fire rings.

Flames must never extend more that 12 inches above the edge of the fire pit or brazier.

The Parks Department may modify the campfire policy at any time for any reason.

If your fire is found unattended, it will be extinguished AND YOUR GROUP WILL BE BANNED FROM HAVING CAMPFIRES FOR THE REST OF THE EVENT. If your group is caught with a fire after being banned, YOUR GROUP WILL BE REMOVED FROM SITE.

A fire is considered extinguished when it has been cooled to the point where it will not re-ignite when fresh, dry tinder is placed on it.

The policy of San Diego County Parks Department is that ALL CAMPFIRES MUST BE EXTINGUISHED BY 11PM.

Gray Water Disposal: There have been some new environmental laws enacted both at the State and County level this year which affect all San Diego County parks. The laws require parks to implement a stricter control of gray water disposal to avoid soil and underground water-source contamination. These new laws require that the only water to touch the soil is rainwater, to the extent that this is feasible.

What that means for us is that we need to be extremely diligent about collecting water after doing dishes, washing or bathing, using portable showers, etc. It also means that we should not pour out soft drinks, juices, alcohol, or any bottled water directly onto the soil, if it can be avoided.

As such, it is the responsibility of each camp or household to take care of collecting their gray water in a sealed container, and to avoid letting it spill or leak out onto the ground. Gray water may be disposed of at any of the stone privies, or at the gray water dump near the Ranger Station. Please do not dump gray water into the porta-privies.

If we are not compliant with these new laws, it is within the power of the Rangers, the Environmental Protection Agency, and any County Environmental agents to shut down our event. The Rangers are very supportive of our organization, but their first priority is the protection of the park and following all county regulations. It is our responsibility to comply with this to the best of our ability.

If you have any questions about gray water or gray water disposal, please see the staff at Basecamp or speak with one of the Park Rangers.

MINORS and CHILDREN: You must be 21 years or older to legally drink in California. Intoxicated minors and their guardians will be subject to the penalties of modern law.

All minors NOT attended by their parent or legal guardian ABSOLUTELY MUST have a Minor's Waiver and a Minor's Medical authorization form SIGNED AND NOTARIZED by the Minors parent or legal guardian. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS PAPERWORK YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE PARK. Parents or guardians are responsible for their children's whereabouts at all times. All children 8 years or younger must wear the colored wrist ID bands obtained at Gate check-in. Beware of non-SCA strangers. Lost children will be released to their legal guardian over 18 only.

Parents/guardians should be aware of their children's location and activities at all times while attending SCA functions. Parents must not expect other adults to supervise or control minors who are wandering unaccompanied at events.

A curfew of 11PM is established for minors under the age of 18. This means they remain in their camp unless escorted by a parent or guardian. This does not include un-interrupted trips to the privies.

Because different levels of supervision are necessary for different age groups:

  • Children below the age of 5 should not be left unsupervised by the parent/legal guardian at SCA functions, even at planned children's activities.

  • In general, children less than 12 years old should be in eyesight/earshot of the parent or a designated adult or teenager (as determined by the parent). Children in this age range must be supervised and are not allowed to wander freely at official events. If a child is in the care of an adult besides the parent/guardian (designated babysitter, attending activities, etc), the children should be checked on periodically by the parent/guardian to ensure their safety and suitable behavior.

  • Children 12 years old and younger are not considered suitable babysitters for younger children.

Neglect of Parental (or Guardian) responsibility for minors:

  • If SCA event officials find minors in breach of SCA Laws, Policies or site rules, they will (for a first offense) escort the minors to their parent/guardian and issue a verbal warning. A report of this incident will be tendered to the Kingdom Seneschal.

  • On a second offense at a given event, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will be required to keep their minor(s) with them for the remainder of the function. A report on the incident will be tendered to the Kingdom and Society Seneschal.

  • On a third offense, the minor(s) and parent(s)/guardian(s) will be expelled from the event, and the matter will be reported to Kingdom and Society Seneschals.

  • Habitual offenders will be subject to review by Kingdom and Society level for possible Sanctions.

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES: Illegal use of controlled substances will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with as the violation of modern law that it is.

CAMP SHOWERS: Private camp showers are not permitted in the park, unless you have received approval from the Seneschal PRIOR TO THE EVENT. All officially approved showers are required to display shower permits at all times. Showers are available for public use in Sleepy Hollow and Bedlam/The Brakes. Please contact the

DISH WASHING: There are wash sinks available for dishwashing at the stone privy in Sleepy Hollow. Please scrape your dishes off into a trashcan prior to washing, as these sinks are prone to clogging. If you wash dishes at stone privies other than those at Sleepy Hollow, do not dump the dish water onto the ground afterwards - this gray water must be disposed of in appropriate containers.

EARLY ENTRY: Set-up Crew & Merchants are the only people allowed on site before official gate opening on Thursday. No exceptions. If you have pre-registered you are allowed on site after Gate opens. This means you may not come in to "walk the site" or survey the area. Please do not call the Park Service for reservations, as the Barony has reserved the entire park for this event and you will be referred back to the Seneschal. If you are interested in being on the War Staff and/or Setup Crew, contact the Event Steward staff for more information.

FIREARMS/INCENDIARIES: Possession of firearms and incendiaries is expressly prohibited by County Parks, and will result in immediate expulsion from the park.

FORBIDDEN TERRITORY: Do not enter the fenced compound in Sleepy Hollow; this is the Rangers' living area. Access to the pond is also restricted to ranger staff only.


HOT COALS / ASHES: Dispose of hot coals and ashes into fire rings and designated/marked hot coal containers only! DO NOT PLACE ASHES OR COALS ON THE GROUND OR IN THE TRASH CANS.

PARKING: Park only in the main parking area or marked stalls throughout the park that are NOT labeled as reserved. Do not park in the stalls in Sleepy Hollow unless you have reserved the RV pad. You may unload there, but then you must move your vehicle to the parking lot; RVs and Handicapped vehicles who have reserved the RV pad are the only exceptions. Parking in the Merchant parking lot is limited to merchants and stewards. ALL VEHICLES must display a parking permit (obtained at Gate registration) on the dashboard at all times. Vehicles parked in unauthorized spaces will be cited by the Rangers and towed as necessary. Motorcycle parking is in the caravan circle.

PETS: Pets must be on a leash and under the control of their owners at all times as required by County regulations. All pets should have a tag attached to their collars listing pet's name, owner's name, and camping location these tags are available at Gate. All pets should have current licenses and proof of immunizations per county regulations.

SITE TOKENS: SITE TOKENS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. People without site tokens may be questioned by the Constabulary or asked to leave the event.

SPEED LIMIT: Drivers must never exceed 10 mph within the park at any time.

GOLF CARTS:No gas powered scooters, golf carts, or other modern personal conveyances are allowed. Electric scooters/power chairs, for the use only by the special needs person, are excluded.

TOILETS: DO NOT put disposable diapers, garb, soda cans, or other articles into the portable toilets, as this prevents us from being able to pump them out.

TRASH DISPOSAL: The Trash crew will be making rounds to pick up trash at regular intervals each day. Please take your trash to the side of the road for disposal on a daily basis - do not wait until the end of the event to get rid of your trash. If you miss the trash pick-up, please bag your trash and deposit it into dumpsters. If dumpsters are full, please stack bags near dumpsters. The park will be collecting glass, metal, and plastic recyclables. Please separate your recycling from the rest of your trash. Money collected from recycling goes to benefit the park.

TREES: Potrero Park is home to a species of Oak tree which is protected by the State of California. The County has planted close to 150 new trees in recent years, so please be aware of their presence. Do not tie or in any other way attach things to the trees (including rope, tape, chains, nails, or tacks), and do not poke, cut, or carve on the trees, or pour gray water on them.

WATER SPIGOTS: Potable water from a public water supply is available at several locations around the site. All spigots must be left accessible to the public at all times. Hoses or the like may not be attached in such a way as to block easy access. Under no circumstances may anyone wash dishes, clothing or their person(s) at a public water spigot. Please use common sense and courtesy to aid us all in maintaining sanitary public water access.


This is a relatively primitive site in the rural part of San Diego County. Drink LOTS of water. After all, this IS a desert and it is summer.

ANTS: While the Potrero staff does have the park sprayed for red and black ants prior to the event, it is not possible to rid the park of all ants. Please plan ahead and consider bringing your own ant abatement products in case you have a problem in your campsite. The staff will not have ant abatement products on hand.

BARE FEET: Not recommended! This park has red ants that bite. We recommend shoes and insect repellent.

BASE CAMP: is located at the "Y" in the road by Merchants' Row and the baseball diamond. Look for the large sign that says "Base Camp." (check the map in the center of this flyer.)

HAY BALES: We rent the hay bales for this event. Please do not tamper with them, burn them, cut the baling string, or remove them from the site; if you do, you will pay for them.

HEALTH ISSUES: The site can be dry and dusty. Please bring your normal medications (including inhalers and bee sting kits) if you have allergies or asthma. The normal flora and fauna of the area can include: poison oak, fire ants, Western Black-legged ticks, bees, gofers, ground squirrels and rattlesnakes (typical inhabitants of southern California rural areas). The grounds are relatively flat, but have large gopher/ground squirrel holes. The site is wheelchair accessible, but is not paved and can be difficult to navigate.

There have been cases of Lyme disease reported by people who have attended our event. Lyme disease is a bacterial disease spread by the bite of a Western Black-legged tick in California. The effects of the disease may persist in the human body for several years. These ticks can be as small as the size of a poppy seed. If bitten, DO NOT REMOVE by yourself.

If after attending the event, you exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Bull's Eye Rash (common in most but not all cases)

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Joint aches

See your physician immediately and let him/her know that you've recently been in a known Lyme disease area.

Sunscreen is highly recommended!

LOST AND FOUND: Lost and found items can be turned in or found at Base Camp.

RESTROOMS: There are permanent restrooms located in Sleepy Hollow, Bedlam, and Merchants' Row. Additionally, there are portable toilets, including ADA accessible portables, located throughout the site along the roads.

There are plumbed showers located in Sleepy Hollow. Additionally, the Barony has provided portable showers at the Sleepy Hollow and Bedlam restrooms, and a shower truck at the Bedlam restrooms.

RV SITES: Water and electricity are available at the RV pads in Sleepy Hollow. A sanitary dump station is located near the Rangers' Office. There are approximately 32 RV spaces in Sleepy Hollow and an additional 7 RV spots in Caravan Circle by the Closed Ramada with water and electricity. Additionally, there are 12 RV spaces in the Caravan Circle that do not have any utility hook-ups. If you would like to bring an RV, you are highly encouraged to reserve an RV spot ahead of time. This can be done via the land allocation page. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

SAWHORSES/ORANGE CONES: These are reserved for Steward parking spaces. Do not park in these spots.

TAPE OR CHALKED WALKWAYS: There are several throughout the camp. Do not camp on or over these lines as they may be marking off a safety hazard please walk carefully. These are for pedestrian, Ranger, and emergency vehicle traffic only.

TENT GUY LINES: You must flag your guy-lines to avoid accidents. Mark them with light colored cloth or marking tape. If you cannot mark your guy lines appropriately, please go to Base Camp and request marking tape.

FLYING INSECTS: Mosquitoes, Bees, and Yellow jackets make the park their home. Be aware that sugar and meat attract them. If you have allergies to insect stings, please carry your medications with you.

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