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Newcomers FAQ

Here are some answers to common questions and tips to get yourself started!

First off, if you are brand new to the SCA, feel free to visit this link to find out more how to get involved in your area: http://chatelaine.sca-caid.org/newcomers/

When is WAR this year?

The upper right hand side of your screen shows this year's date. This is even a link you can click on that will show you a countdown timer.

How do I get there, or where is it?

War is held at the Potrero Regional Park. The park's address is: 24800 Potrero Park Drive Potrero, CA 91963 and can be found on the Thomas Brothers Guide: 1316-E7.

What kind of activities are there?

Where do we start? There are too many things to do at War to list here. But we HAVE listed them on the site. The navigation menu on the left has sections for Arts & Sciences, Combat, and Youth activities. In addition you can find the entire event calendar there as well.

Do I HAVE to be in garb?

All overnight campers are expected to be in an attempt at garb for the duration of the event. Daytrippers are not required to be in garb, but may only be onsite from 7AM to 7PM.

Can I borrow garb?

Loaner Garb will be made available to any of the populace that is in need of correct attire for War. Base Camp will have Baronial garb ready and available to those who wish to dress the fashion during the day or who need to be in garb after sunset. Limited items are available and garb will be "rented' on a first come first served basis.

PLEASE NOTE: A $1 rental fee will charged for each piece of garb borrowed. A deposit of $10 (cash only) is required to rent garb. The deposit will be returned to you when the garb is returned to base camp. In the event that the loaner garb is not returned by the end of War, the deposit will be used as a replacement fee for the missing garment. The $1 fee will be kept to help with expenses in cleaning and repairing the garb that is rented out.

For Further information, please email

Can I buy garb on-site?

There will be several vendors that sell garb. You can see a list of our vendors with the Merchants link

What should I NOT wear?

Learn all about the proper attire for War from our article: "What Not to Wear: An introduction to the pitfalls of dressing for the SCA".

Are there food merchants on-site?

Yes, we have several food merchants that will be at War. A list of our Merchants can be found on our Merchants link

What classes are available?

A list of classes can be found on our Events Calendar

What is the fighting schedule?

A list of all the fighting can be found on our Events Calendar

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Volunteers may sign up by going to the the Volunteers Link

What is this Volunteer Raffle I have heard about?

Each year the Volunteer Raffle is one of the highlights for those who contribute time at War. The raffle will be held following Closing Court on Sunday.

When you complete your registered volunteer shift, record the start and end times on your Volunteer Card. At the end of your shift, have your Shift Leader initial the card on the line indicating where you worked. When you have completed volunteering at War, turn in your Volunteer Card to Volunteers Point in exchange for raffle tickets.

Some tasks/times are eligible to receive double (or even TRIPLE) raffle tickets!

Can I donate my Volunteer Hours?

Your volunteer hours generate funds for formally recognized SCA groups and activities. The revenue generated from Volunteer hours is an important fundraiser for many SCA groups. Make sure you state the SCA group where you would like your Volunteer Hour funds to be contributed. Households and Warbands are not eligible to receive Volunteer Hour funds because these are unofficial groups within the SCA. If no recognized group is stated, the funds will go to the Barony of Calafia. Officially recognized groups include: Geopolitical groups (Kingdoms, Baronies, Principalities, Shires, Cantons, Colleges, Strongholds, etc.), Guilds, Offices, and designated funds such as Royal Travel funds or other officially-sponsored fundraisers.

How do I sign up to teach?

Classes are coordinated through the Arts & Science Steward. You can propose a class by using our class proposal form

Do I have to have a period tent to camp?

Absolutely NOT. There is only one location at War that requires a period camp. The rest of the park is open to campers of all types of tents. Some camps strive to have a period style, but it is not required. If you are camping with a group, check with your camp master.

I have never camped at War. Is there a place for newcomers?

People new to War are welcomed to land allocate in our Newcomers' Encampment. This encampment is made specifically for people who are new to the SCA or have not quite found a household or geo-political area to camp in. This is a family friendly campsite and all ages are welcomed. The Newcomers' Encampment is conveniently located close to Base Camp. So if you have any questions, would like to contact the Chatelaine, or are interested in Volunteering, feel free to visit Base Camp and ask!

Please note that there is no meal plan set for Newcomers' Encampment so you will have to provide your own food for the weekend. All camp and War rules apply to Newcomers' Encampment. please email the if you need more information.

How do I Pre-Register or Land Allocate?

Once the dates for pre-registration and land allocation have arrived, you can click on the links in the navigation menu on the left. If you are going to land allocate with a group, your camp master will need to create your camp registration. It is not advised to just pick a camp and land allocate with them unless you have been invited. There are many places on site that are open camping for people who do not have camps to land allocate.

How much does it cost?

The site fees for War are listed on the Pre-Registration page. Once the pre-registration date has arrived, you will be able to see the fees.

How much money should I bring?

While it is hard to estimate how much money you may need, we recommend that you bring enough money for food and drink as well as some merchant shopping. Many participants will bring their own food to cook/eat or participate in a meal plan with their camps. Not all merchants accept credit cards, so it is a good idea to have enough cash. There is no ATM onsite.

Can I bring my pets?

Pets are allowed on-site. Pets must be on a leash (6' max) and under the control of their owners at all times as required by County regulations. All pets should have a tag attached to their collars listing pet's name, owner's name, and camping location these tags are available at Gate. All pets should have current licenses and proof of immunizations per county regulations. Pets that are left tied up with no owner in sight will be subject to being removed by county animal control. Remember that Potrero is in a desert and is very dry and hot. Make sure your pet has plenty of water to drink. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are your pets to be tied to any tree in the park.

Where can I get firewood, propane or ice?

The Potrero General Store has firewood and ice. They are located at: 25125 Hwy 94, Potrero, CA 91963 and can be reached at: (619) 478-9208. We recommend you call them to make sure they have inventory before driving to the store. Their prices are quite reasonable and competitive.

During the day, an ice truck delivers to the park.

Are there toilets or showers on-site?

There are permanent restrooms located in Sleepy Hollow, Bedlam, and Merchants' Row. Additionally, there are portable toilets, including ADA accessible portables, located throughout the site along the roads.

There are plumbed showers located in Sleepy Hollow. Additionally, the Barony has provided a shower truck at the Bedlam restrooms. Note that the permanent showers are coin-operated -bring quarters with you! Rates are available on the main page of this site.

I have more questions, is there a meeting for newcomers?

The Baronial household meeting meets the 1st Monday of every month. Usually, the meeting in April is all about camping in the SCA. You can contact the newcomers officer for more details.

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