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General FAQ's

I did not get my Pre-Registration email. What does this mean and what should I do?

A valid email address must be included for acknowledgement of your pre-registration. Do not use a restricted email address that requires registration or other additional steps.

Many hosting providers who use anti-spam filters may require you to add our emails to your whitelist file. Adding these emails will ensure delivery of your confirmation receipts :

  • prereg@potrerowar.org

Where is my land allocation email?

When an individual land allocates for a camp, an email notification is sent to the camp master letting them know you have land allocated with their camp. No additional email is sent to the allocator. Camp masters should make sure they have the following email in their whitelist file if they have any anti-spam filters

  • landallocation@potrerowar.org

I am interested in teaching a class. How can I do that?

If you would like to teach a class? Click here to submit a proposal for a Class You will get a confirmation email when it is received.

How can I pay onsite?

If you do not pre-register, you can still attend the event and pay at the gate when you arrive. Please bring a valid ID and Cash for payment; no checks or credit cards will be accepted onsite.

Where can I park my dragon (ahem... car)?

There are several parking spots throughout the site that you may park in. Please only park in spaces that are clearly marked. Many spots around the trees look like they are parking spots but they are not designated for cars as the tree roots are shallow and parking there will damage the trees. Do not park off-road or on any non-paved spot unless directed to do so by a parking attendant in the overflow parking lot.

How do I bring minor on site that is not my own child?

Minors attending WITHOUT a parent or legal guardian:
In Caid, two forms are used for parents who allow their minor youth to attend an event with an adult who is not their legal guardian.
1. Either a Minor's Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement Waiver (PDF for a single child) OR a Family Consent to Participate and Hold Harmless Agreement Waiver (PDF for multiple children in one family) form is used to show a parents consent for their child to participate.
2. A Medical Authorization for Minors (PDF) form allows medical treatment to be provided in the event of an emergency.
Please bring 2 copies of these forms; one to leave at gate, and one to keep with the supervising adult at all times.

Can we bring Alcohol?

Per the park regulations, alcohol in excess of 20% by volume is not permitted in the park. As a reminder, all guests agree to abide by the park rules and regulations when signing in at gate. If you have any questions about Potrero Park rules, you can look them up on the county park website here: http://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/parks/faqs1.html.


This is a primitive site in a rural part of San Diego County.


  • The site can be dry and dusty. Please bring your normal medications (including inhalers and bee sting kits) if you have allergies or asthma. The normal flora and fauna of the area can include: poison oak, fire ants, Western Black-legged ticks, bees, gophers, ground squirrels, and rattlesnakes. The grounds are relatively flat, but have large gopher/ground squirrel holes. The site is wheelchair accessible, but is not paved and can be difficult to navigate.
  • There is known lyme disease in this area of San Diego. Lyme disease is spread by the Western Black-legged tick in California. If you are bitten, Do not try to remove the tick by yourself. If after attending the event you notice any strange symptoms, rashes in particular, it is recommended that you seek medical attention.
  • Sunscreen is highly recommended!

ANTS: Potrero War has the park sprayed for red and black ants prior to the event, but it is not possible to get rid of all the ants. Plan ahead and consider bringing your own ant abatement products in case you have a problem in your campsite. The war staff will not be able to do anything about the ants once the event starts.

FLYING INSECTS: The park has mosquitoes, bees, and yellow jackets. Sugar and meat can attract them. If you have allergies to insect stings, please carry your medications with you.

BARE FEET: Bare feet are not recommended! This park has biting insects and spiny plants.

BASE CAMP: This is the information desk, which is located at the "Y" in the road by Merchants Row.

LOST AND FOUND: Lost and found items can be turned in or claimed at Base Camp.

RESTROOMS: There are permanent restrooms located in Sleepy Hollow, Bedlam, and Merchants Row. Additionally, there are portable toilets, including ADA accessible portables, located throughout the site along the roads. There are plumbed showers located in Sleepy Hollow. Additionally, the Barony has provided a shower truck at the Bedlam restrooms.

RV SITES: Water and electricity are available at the RV pads in Sleepy Hollow. A sanitary dump station is located near the Ranger's' Office. If you would like to bring an RV, you are highly encouraged to reserve an RV spot ahead of time via the land allocation page. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

TAPE OR CHALKED WALKWAYS: There are several throughout the camp. Do not camp on or over these lines as they may be marking off a safety hazard please walk carefully. These are for pedestrian, Ranger, and emergency vehicle traffic only.

TENT GUY LINES: You must flag your guy-lines to avoid accidents. Mark them with light colored cloth or marking tape..

DRESS CODE: Garb appropriate to the SCA period is required for all attendees at all times, with the exception of day trippers. If you do not have period-appropriate garb, it can be purchased from the vendors in merchants row, or borrowed from the Baronial Chatelaine. Inquire at basecamp.

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