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Thursday May 25, 2017 - Monday May 29, 2017

Potrero Siege Cookoff 2017

The Potrero War Siege Cooking Contest is back again this year!

A Siege Through Time

Sign Up 4/5/2017 - 5/15/2017

Six teams enter, one team leaves! To register please enter your information into the form (see link below) and you will be contacted to confirm all details. This is a first come first serve basis, and we will have a standby list!


Sieges are a dark part of our history and illuminate the struggle between two conflicting powers over territory, resources, and human capital. Impacting everyone from nobility to peasants, a siege can have devastating effects on the impacted area, whether that be a town, city, or fortress. They have occurred throughout the ancient world up until modern times and in countries all over the world. At the beginning of a siege, day to day life may remain relatively normal, but as days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months, possibly, into years supplies run low, diseases are rampant and the impending doom of mortality begins to sink in. Despair sets in and the people begin to wonder if their leaders can liberate them before the end. Unbeknownst to them communications have been cut off and their only hope for salvation is still weeks away as the larger part of the army is slowly making its way home. To improve morale the cooks trapped within the city walls have pooled together what meager supplies are left to make a feast.

Choose a siege from any time between 600BC and 1650AD, in any location and prepare a meal that can be documented in whole or in part. The Siege Cook Off sponsors will provide proteins, fat and some unique mystery spices/herbs to be identified and used in your meal.

Remember, you may not add any additional proteins to what you are given at the time of check in, however you bring up to 15lbs of fruits, vegetables, or grains and any additional spices and cooking liquids unique to your siege. Cooking liquids will NOT be weighed, and grains and produce will NOT be included in the basket of items.

Siege Cook Off 2017 Rules:

  1. The contest will be limited to 6 teams. The first six teams to apply will participate. A standby list will be available should any of the teams fail to show up or be obliged to back out of the contest.
  2. Teams may consist of no less than 3 and no more than 5 cooks. You may have as much scullery assistance as you like, but please note scullery are not eligible for prizes.
  3. Cooks may set up their kitchen in any configuration that is comfortable to them. However, extra points will be awarded for utilizing a kitchen set up, cooking vessels or techniques specific to your siege. Note: Judges will walk around to each kitchen during the event to talk about period techniques and kitchen setup/tools.
  4. Teams must report to the Closed Ramada at 6pm on Friday 5/26/2017 to pick up their provisions and bring all produce and grain to be weighed.
  5. Judging will occur 24 hours later in the Close Ramada. Each team will be provided a separate table. Table decoration is encouraged, but we ask you do not include household or personal heraldry or names as judging will be conducted as a blind taste test.
  6. Meals may consist of 1 or more dishes. This contest will be judged on quality and creativity instead of quantity. Choose wisely.
  7. You do not need to have a set team, siege, or menu at the time of registration however you must provide the information below when picking up your provisions
    • A roster of all team members
    • The siege you are recreating (time period, and location)
    • Confirm if you are participating in period cooking technique challenge. (Not required!)
  8. When you present your meal please be prepared to supply:
    • A menu including description of what you have prepared and any period documentation.
    • Your documentation can simply be a period cookbook, please note you must identify the recipes you used within the book (sticky notes are okay).
    • A list of spices and proteins you have identified.
    • If you are including any dish or using any produce that is not specific to your siege you must document why it would appear in your time period and location.
  9. Judging will be on a blind basis. Each team will be judged on:
    • Use and prevalence of the ingredients that were provided
    • Quality of their meal
    • Period recipes used and associated documentation
    • If their meal remained consistent with the location that they choose (e.g Did you pick a French siege but give us hummus?)
    • If you do provide an item that is inconsistent with your siege can you explain why?
    • Presentation of the meal to include:
      • Overall visual appearance of the meal
      • Table layout and decorations. You may lay out your table as you see fit, but again please avoid personal or household identifiers as this should be conducted as a blind judging.
      • Adherence to established food safety practices. Any detected violation that could result in illness or injury will result in disqualification.
      • Best use of the ingredients provided.

Prizes will be awarded for overall best team.

Information needed for registration:

  • Team captain name SCA & Mundane
  • Camping with?
  • Expected Period?
  • Expected Location?

Lets get Cooking!

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