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Thursday May 22, 2014 - Monday May 26, 2014

Siege Cook-off at Potrero War 2013 - NOTICE - The rules have changed!!

Unto the talented cooks of the Known World, do Oliver and Kate, Baron & Baroness of Calafia send greetings, and a challenge...

Meet and compete on the fields of Potrero to determine the ultimate "Iron Chef" of the current Middle Ages.

Four teams will meet at a set time to compare the provisions each has gleaned from their town while under siege. Each group will bring similar items in the same quantities.

Participants have 24 hours to turn leftovers into Medieval Haute Cuisine appropriate to the scenario provided. Your team will prepare a feast per the instructions given. Each dish is to serve two people only, using only the ingredients they have provided and water.

Twenty-four hours later, each team will present its’ meal for judging by our select panel. Extra points will be awarded for documentation and period cooking methods. At the time of judging, each team must provide the recipes redacted or developed to prepare this feast.

To the winner, a prize and year-long swagger rights as the best of the best! The contest will be held at the Potrero War on Friday May 24, 2013 - Saturday May 25, 2013.

The deadline to sign up for the contest is May 15, 2013 (no exceptions).

For full rules, requirements, judging criteria, and questions or contest entry, please contact Master David of Caithness, (David Keen) at

  1. The contest will be limited to 4 teams. The first four teams to apply will participate. The minimum team size is three. There is no maximum team size. As many cooks that can comfortably work in your kitchen will determine the maximum size of your team. The teams will receive the 2013 Siege Cook-Off Ingredient List showing the victuals (and their amounts) they are to obtain and bring to the appointed location at the appointed time.
  2. Teams will report to the Closed Ramada at 5PM on Friday, 24 May 2013, to lay out and display their gathered provisions. This allows the other teams to inspect and assure themselves the playing field is level. They are to present (appropriate to the scenario provided) their prepared meals 24 hours later in the Closed Ramada. Each team will be provided a separate table to present their meal on.
  3. Teams must complete and present the associated paperwork with their meal to have their entry judged. Associated paperwork is:

    a. A roster showing the names of all members of the team.

    b. The team’s listing of dishes presented, with ingredient list by dish.

    c. Extra credit will be given for providing a complete recipe used to prepare each dish. (Optional) These recipes will be used to compile a recipe booklet for the participants.

    d. Extra-extra credit will be given if a documented period recipe is used in preparation or used for inspiration. (Optional)

    e. Extra extra extra credit will be given if period methods (replica spits/pots/pans/ovens & utensils) are used in meal preparation. (Optional)

  4. To honor the cultures of both sides, teams are to prepare a feast of 8 dishes, 4 appropriate to the cuisine of the attackers (Catholics from France & Spain) and 4 appropriate to the defenders (Huguenots/Calvinists of France, Holland & England). Each dish is to serve two people only, using only the ingredients gatehered and water. The use of electric appliances or utensils is not allowed. The use of liquid fuel or LP gas stoves is permitted.

  5. Judging will be on a “blind” basis. Each team will judged on:

    a. Required associated paperwork presented.

    b. Presentation of the meal. to include:

    1. Table layout and decorations. Tables are to be laid out with dishes and decorations from the Attackers on one end with the Defenders at the opposite end. Decorations are to be appropriate to the culture displayed and to the scenario provided.
    2. Overall visual appeal.

    c. Adherence to established food safety practices. Any detected violation that could result in illness or injury will result in disqualification.

    d. Most use of the ingredients gathered.

    e. Individual dish presentation to include:

    1. Visual appeal.

    2. Aromatic appeal.

    3. Taste and texture.

  6. Prizes will awarded in the following categories:

    a. Best Team Overall.

    b. Best individual dish.

    c. Best use of ingredients.

    d. Best Presentation.

The scenario for this year is Siege of La Rochelle of 1572–1573:

The Siege of La Rochelle of 1572–1573 was a massive military assault on the Huguenot-held city of La Rochelle by Catholic troops during the fourth phase of the French Wars of Religion, following the August 1572 St. Bartholomew's Day massacre. The conflict began in November 1572 when inhabitants of the city refused to receive Armand de Gontaut, baron de Biron as royal governor. Beginning 11 February 1573, the siege was led by the Duke of Anjou (the future Henry III). Political considerations following the duke's election to the throne of Poland in May 1573 resulted in negotiations, culminating on 24 June 1573, that lifted the siege on 6 July 1573. The Edict of Boulogne signed shortly thereafter brought an end to this phase of the civil war.

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