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Thursday May 21, 2015 - Monday May 25, 2015

Siege Cook-off at Potrero War 2015

Its the second year of the Mountain Empire Siege, and companys coming for dinner! Whats cooking, Caid?!?

We welcome you to participate in the Potrero War Siege Cooking Contest!

Register your team (no more than 4 members) at the Gate, then come by the camp of House Griffin on Friday from 5-9 pm, but no later than Saturday morning at 10:00, to pick up your supplies. This years contest will be limited to 5 teams.

Judging will be held at the closed Ramada Saturday night at 5:00. A full list of contest guidelines will be included in your supplies, but we expect to see a full medieval meal using only the ingredients given. Extra points will be given for method of preparation, historical research, and presentation.

Lets get Cooking!

You are a resident of the great city of Constantinople, when in a flash, your beautiful city is besieged by the bloodthirsty Rus Vikings, who use the tactical advantage of insufficiently-guarded waterways to ravage the outlying parts of the city! You have retreated behind the walls of your city, and the siege is in its second year. The Vikings are blocking your access to any fresh supplies beyond what can be grown within the walls of the city. The Patriarch has called for prayer and for a feast what will you cook with what you have??

You are a Rus Viking, seeking spoils to bring home from the decadent city of the Greek Byzantines. You have ravaged the areas around the city, but you know greater spoils lie within those walls. You know you have a limited time before the fleet of the Byzantines returns from its battles in the Mediterranean Sea, and while you have made good use of fresh goods found ashore, they are running out, and you only have limited stored goods, which you may need for your journey home. Your leader calls for a celebration feast what will you cook with what you have?

Sponsored by Household deSteele

For full rules, requirements, judging criteria, and questions or contest entry, please contact Siege Cooking

Teams will report to the Closed Ramada at 5PM on Saturday, 23 May 2015, to lay out and display their gathered provisions.

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