Potrero War

Thursday, May 23 2019 - Monday, May 27 2019

Rapier Combat


Time: Friday - 3-6pm at the Youth Combat Eric

Please Come and Support the Potrero War Charity Tournament as we join together in our fight to raise contributions for the Cancer Research Institute. This will be a $5 entry fee for all fighters who wish to enter the list, and further donations are of course welcome. All funds raised will go to The Cancer Research Institute. Armored, Rapier, and Unarmored combatants are welcome.

This tournament will be fought as a Mad Dog Tournament. Fighters will be given the option to buy more lives, at the Marshal's discretion. A $5 donation will give Fighters 3 lives.

The tournament will begin at 3pm on Friday, after War Scenarios.

Come out and be a part of this event and give to those who are so deserving of our support.

Rapier Melee Scenarios

All activities take place on the Rapier Field (All times are estimates).

Our theme this year is "You Seem a Decent Fellow, I Hate to Kill You..."

Prepare your swords, spears, RBGs, and - yes - silly secondaries! And make sure you know which of your friends are NOT left-handed.

Lady Livith filia Organae


Hay Bale Setup and Pickups
If you are on site by Thursday afternoon we would appreciate your help setting up hay bales. The field is available for pickup fights, though you will need to find your own marshal!

Friday: The Chase

Armor Inspection
9:30 - 10:00

Melee Scenarios
10:00 - 3:00

“I’ll Most Likely Kill You in the Morning” - Warm-up
Teams of 4 begin around the edge of the field. The last team standing wins.

“Kidnap the Princess!” - Escort Res Battle
Each team has a Captain / ”Princess.” The opposing team must capture the enemy’s Princess, and return them to their base to win. The Princess does not have weapons and cannot be killed, but will wander away if not escorted by 2 people at all times.

“The Cliffs of Insanity” - Last man standing
Everyone begins single-sword, off-handed. If you die (or lose your arm) while fighting with your off-hand, you get 1 res to come back single-sword main hand.

"Nemesis!" - Kill ‘em All, with a twist
Each fighter has a “nemesis” on the opposing team with a matching colored armband. If you kill your nemesis, you capture their armband and get an extra life. Relinquish the armband to a marshal to res.

"Inconceivable!" - Objective Res Battle
Each team gets a set number of goblets containing poison. The poison can be used (1 time use) to kill opponents, however, at least one goblet of poison must make it to the opposing team's res point in order to end the scenario. Unlimited resurrections.

Saturday: The Fire Swamp

Armor Inspection
9:30 - 10:00

Melee Scenarios
10:00 - 3:00

“Fire!” - Warm-up, Last Man Standing (5 min res)
There are bells scattered throughout the field to represent “fire”. If you cause a bell to make noise in any way, you die to the fire.

“Treasure in the Snow Sand” - Objective Res Battle
Teams race to collect the most treasure, which is scattered across the field. But be careful, in order to reach the treasure you must brave the quicksand. (Bonus: The treasure also includes a “gun”(RBG) and ammunition. Find BOTH to use them in the next scenario.)

“The Pit of Despair” - Objective w/ RBGs
1 team begins in a room - they are being held captive and trying to escape. They must get 5 captives to the checkpoint alive. Each captive gets 1 res, but must res back in the room.

“Call the Brute Squad!” - Kill ‘em All w/ Silly Secondaries
Everyone has been recruited to join the Brute Squad! The problem is no one has swords - just a dagger and whatever else you can find….

“Miracle Max” - Capture the Flag
There will be 3 flags positioned throughout the field. Each team has 2 res points - 1 at their end of the field, and 1 “Miracle Max” as mobile res point. The first team to have all flags flipped to their color simultaneously, or have the most flipped when a set time limit is reached, wins.

Sunday: The Rescue

Armor Inspection
9:30 - 10:00

Melee Scenarios
10:00 - 2:00

“My Four Fastest Ships” - Warm-up
Each team has 4 letters they are attempting to delivery to the checkpoint. Only 1 letter must be delivered to end the scenario.

“Storm the Castle” - Bridge battle (Spears allowed)
A small squad must fight their way through the guards, across the bridge, and into the castle. Or, sneak through the secret passageway. Attackers have infinite resurrections.

"The Six-Fingered Man" - Kill 'em All
Each team begins on opposite sides of the field. The first side to lose loses. You've lived your whole life for revenge... It'd be a shame to fail now.

“Four White Horses” - Res battle
There are 4 doors on the edge of the field. Whenever you die you must exit via the nearest door and may res by entering the field through any OTHER door. Each fighter gets 4 resurrections.


Inspections are at the Marshal Point before fighting starts. Weapons must be inspected every day; Armor need not be inspected more than once at an event.


We need at least one marshal for every ten fighters on the field. Please think of marshaling at least one scenario if you can. Non-fighters are welcome to serve as border marshals, even if they are not warranted Marshals.

Any volunteers interested in marshaling may report to Marshal's Point each day to check in.

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