Potrero War
Thursday May 25, 2017 - Monday May 29, 2017

Rapier Combat


We need at least one additional marshal for every ten fighters on the field. Please think of marshaling at least one scenario if you can. Non-fighters are welcome to serve as border marshals, even if they are not warranted Marshals.

* Any volunteers interested in marshaling may report to Marshal's Point each day to check in.

All activities take place on the Rapier Field (All times are estimates)


Inspections are at the Marshal Point before fighting starts. Weapons must be inspected every day; Armor need not be inspected more than once at an event.

Rapier Scenarios

The Battle for Cyprus - Ottoman Empire vs. Venetian Empire

Cyprus is a rocky island with a lot of goats, BUT it controls the sea lanes for trade. Trade is the life-blood of any self-respecting empire! Factions will unite under the respective banners of each empire in the war for trade supremacy, which will be fought both on land and sea. Bring your swords, spears, and fire-arms (RBGs)!

Regard, Raes de la Mer Rapier Steward


Torchlight Tourney
Location - Merchants Row Eric

Tourney format will be decided based on attendance (double elimination, round robin, bear pit, etc.)
Participants and spectators will have an opportunity to wager on the outcome of each match with baubles!
You cannot wager on who will win or lose, but whether someone will lose a hand, or that the match will end in a head shot, and so on.
Prizes for both tournament winner and possessor of the baubles.


Rapier Melee Scenarios
Armor Inspection and Team Division: 9am-10am
Lunch Break: Determined by Day

Warm-Up: Kill Em All
Advantage conveyed to faction of last fighter standing

Captain Astray
Captains know nothing. They have landed on the wrong docks in hostile territory. Find your captain and send them back to home base with two soldiers who can vouch for their identity.

Retrieve the Supply Orders
The supply orders for both sides have gone astray. Raid record rooms to find your factions supply orders.
Advantage conveyed to winning faction.

Siege of Nicosa
The other side has fortified their position at Nicosa, and you cant have that. Oust them from their position before the reinforcements arrive. Defending force has access to the powder magazine (RBGs). Attacking force has access to siege weapons (spears). Both sides will have an opportunity to attack and defend.

Capture the Payroll
The local Cyprians have had it with both of your nonsense. They captured the payroll for both sides and are holding it at town hall. Raid town hall and retrieve as much money as you can.


Rapier Melee Scenarios
Armor Inspection and Team Rebalancing: 9am-10am
Lunch Break: Determined by Day

Warm-Up: Kill Em All
Advantage conveyed to faction of last fighter standing

Call the Experts
The ammunitions officers and shipwrights from both sides have been killed. Recruit from the local populace!
3 Cyprian ammo experts, 3 Cyprian shipwrights. They must be coerced to your cause, they hate both of you. Once coerced, however, give them alcohol to make them docile. Unfortunately, a docile Cyprian can be captured by the enemy. At least two soldiers must escort captured Cyprians.
Advantages conveyed to BOTH the faction who captures the most shipwrights AND ammo experts. This might be the same faction.

Capture the Docks
A very narrow street leads to the main dock where, for some reason, both of the ships are docked. Send sailors to your ship before the other team can send theirs!
If you can send a marksman from your side to open fire from the nearby balconies (RBGs). Spears are also allowed.

Discover the Assassin
The governor of Cyprus has been assassinated. You face a popular uprising if you cannot discover the culprit.
Each team has the alibi for one of the suspects, locations, and weapon used. Challenge other teams to duels to force them to reveal their clues.When you have determined the culprit, location, and murder weapon, report your findings to the interim Governor.


Rapier Melee Scenarios
Armor Inspection and Team Division: 9am-10am
Lunch Break: Determined by Day

Warm-Up: Kill Em All
Advantage conveyed to faction of last fighter standing

Sea Battle
A land carrack full of fine Egyptian cotton has anchored offshore. Capture the goods for your faction!
Launch small boats to attack the land carrack. Shoot (RBG) or stab the soldiers from the other faction before they can board the ship. The crew of the land carrack will not give up their cargo, and must be eliminated. Hold the ship uncontested to capture the cargo.

Capture Supporting Islands with Cunning Use of Flags
This Cyprus thing isnt working out very well. Capture territory on surrounding islands to ensure a supply line and supporting troops. Maintain your territory against the other faction.

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