Potrero War

Countdown To Potrero War
Thursday May 22, 2014 - Monday May 26, 2014

Rapier Scenarios, Potrero War 2014


We need at least one additional marshal for every ten fighters on the field. Please think of marshalling at least one scenario if you can. Non-fighters are welcome to serve as border marshals, even if they are not warranted Marshals.

* Any volunteers interested in marshaling may report to Marshal's Point each day to check in.


Inspections are at the Marshal Point before fighting starts. Weapons must be inspected every day; Armor need not be inspected more than once at an event.

All activities take place on the Rapier Field (All times are estimates)

Thursday, May 22
Time: 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Early Bird Warlord Tournament
Description: A "snowball" list that will end in a grand melee. Bring a snack or beverage to share of a post-fighting meet-and-greet.
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Rapier Pot-Luck
Description: Rapier meet and greet. Bring food or drink to share and be social with the people you will spend the weekend stabbing! Rapier games may occur, bring a sharp if you have it.
Friday, May 23
Time: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Warm-Ups Melee
Description: Three-man teams - Join with two people you don't know, or at least don't normally fight with. Fight to the last team.
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Warbands
Description: We will be run more than once. Some versions will include guns and/or spears. Divide into warbands, (Numbers may be balanced with resurrections.) each band will have a "treasure" to protect. It must be carried in a hand and dropped when the carrier is dead.
After ~15 minutes, if multiple bands are on the field, the band with the most treasures wins.
Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Resurrection
Description: Once with standard weapons, once with guns, once with spears, once with guns and spears.
Time: 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Drunken Captain
Description: Three to five teams, each must find their Captain and escort him back to the ship before the guards catch you. This will be run as many times as we want, and might incorporate guns and/or spears
Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Rapier Evening Tournament
Description: Anybody want to host a tournament? NOTES: Time is tentative (time to be determined after war scenarios are completed)
Saturday, May 24
Time: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Rapier Muster and Armor Inspection
Time: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Morning Scenarios
Description: Reverse Warlord
Start with two teams, half are eliminated, until we have one-on-one.

Kill the Captain
The last two from the reverse warlord above are the captain, the winner gets to pick first. Pick teams and fight a melee, if the captain dies, that team loses. May be run up to three times, once including spears - no guns.
Time: 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Cut & Thrust Treasure Chest Tournament
Description: Participants bring a "treasure" and right a round-robin list. The fighter with the best record has first pick of treasures.
Time: 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Afternoon scenarios
Description: Capture the Ship

Three teams, one on the ship, two outside. Teams have ~15 minutes to put their flag on the ship's mast. Will be run three times so each team can defend. Might be run White Scarf vs Unscarved, if we have the numbers.
No spears, Each team can have guns and five bullets.

Rob the town
Treasures will be in different buildings, raiders want to gather as much treasure as possible, townsfolk want to stop them. White Scarves are either Town Guards or Mercenaries and come in after ~5 minutes. Guards can have spears, Mercenaries can have one gun each, with one bullet.

Flag Resurrection
If a flag is your color, you can resurrect at it. 1 hour or until everyone is dead.
No spears, no guns.
Sunday, May 25
Time: 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Location: Rapier Field
Summary: Old School Tavern Brawl
Description: Five-man teams, Single Sword, props available as secondaries. Throwable food is likely, as are flaming hoops.
Will be run until we want to stop.

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