Potrero War

Thursday, May 23 2019 - Monday, May 27 2019

Calafian Flagship Competition & Plunder

The Calafian Nautical Guild is proud to once again sponsor Plunder and the Calafian Flagship Championship at Potrero War this year.

Plunder Rules

New Game Mode this year - Faction Volunteer War!

  • When cashing in your Volunteer card, in addition to earning yourself Volunteer Salvage Tokens, your Faction (Navy, Privateer, or Pirate) will earn control points towards claiming Potrero War for the following day.
  • Site will start under the control of the Flagship's Faction. The current Flagship of Calafia is the Privateer ship, The Elegant Lady.
  • The controlling Faction's pennant will be displayed at the Merchant Steward's Booth.
  • While your Faction's pennant is displayed, your faction will be able to claim bonus regular ST when cashing in Volunteer hours, and access to a Salvage Token market. More details to come.

Returning features this year:

  • Quest Log: Scavenger hunt to find locations, people, and SCA knowledge. This is a youth-friendly activity.
  • Hostile NPCs: sponsored players with too much Salvage looking for challenges to lose.
  • Sea Change cards: modify challenge rules and snatch victory from defeat.. or at least a couple more Salvage.
  • Gem Salvage Tokens: trade your piles of small change for high-value tokens
  • Development Roundtable: discuss and help design next year's game feature - Faction-based territory control. Do you have a flag?
  • Salvage Token Auction: Items will be on auction for Salvage Tokens. The Nautical Guild of Calafia has donated paid vouchers for next year's Potrero War - bidding will start at 30 volunteer Salvage Tokens.

Events and Activities

  • Flagship Changeover Sunday at Closing Court.
  • Salvage Token Auction. Sunday after Closing Court and the Volunteer Raffle.

  • Plunder

    Plunder is a nautically-themed gaming activity that runs year-round, where players earn Salvage Tokens (ST) by engaging in challenges of skill or luck against other players, questing, fighting on the combat field, taking or teaching Arts & Sciences (A&S) classes, and volunteering. New players are given a starter allotment of ST to begin playing.

    Challenges between players can range from a quick game of dice or cards, a rapier duel, best score on the archery range, drinking games, or who can sing the 'best' (Please drink and/or bard responsibly.) - whatever you and your opponent agree on can be a challenge. Plunder provides the rules for determining the Salvage Tokens at stake. Liars Dice is the default means of settling challenges, so make sure to get yourself 5 dice and a cup! (Rules for Liar's Dice are in the Plunder rulebook.

    Questing is a scavenger hunt activity that rewards players for locating individuals, activities, and points of interest around the war site. This activity is youth-friendly, and is a great way for newcomers to learn what there is to do and see at Potrero War.

    Players can also earn Salvage Tokens by completing Volunteer Shifts, normally at the rate of 1 Volunteer ST (VST)/hour. There are bonuses for late shifts, specific volunteer areas, and sometimes bounties for donating your hours to worthy groups.
    Bring your Volunteer Card to the Merchant Steward's booth for your payout.
    Bonuses this year:

    • Late Night Shifts earn +1 VST/hour
    • Your second shift of the war will earn +1 VST/hour

    Calafian Flagship Championship

    This is an official Baronial Championship. The Flagship Competition is the annual culmination of the Plunder games. Plunder Ships (teams of players, usually associated with a household) that have been playing Plunder all year make a bid of Salvage Tokens. The ship with the largest bid wins the championship, the title Flagship of Calafia, a Baronial pennant and regalia, and special Boss game rules in Plunder for the next year.

    For more information, contact Father Thomas of Calafia at , Steward for Plunder.
    . Or visit the Calafian Plunder Facebook page.

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