Potrero War

Countdown To Potrero War
Thursday May 22, 2014 - Monday May 26, 2014

Period Encampment Contest at Potrero War 2014

It has been said that in the SCA, one does not merely “camp”; but one “campaigns”. ‘Tis unto these hardened and talented campaigners of the Known World, that Guy Rand and Muirrenn, Baron & Baroness of Calafia send greetings, and a challenge...

Meet and compete on the fields of Potrero to separate the campaigners from those merely camping. The contest will be held at the Potrero War on Saturday May 24, 2014.

Each team will receive 350 square feet of land per person registered. Geopolitical groups will receive an additional 950 square feet. It is permissible to register and pay for “kitchens”, “dinning flys” and the like.

The area selected and set aside for this contest is the grounds just inside the park entrance, near the gate, on either side of the road. Each spot has both shade and sun. While everyone in your group may not have a Period Pavilion, only these should be visible from the road. Modern tents and other items should be placed to the rear of the camp, out of sight from the road.

All camps in the contest will be open and available for public viewing on Saturday May 24, 2014. They will be presented by members of your team from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM to not only the judges; but interested members of the populace who’ve expressed to us a real desire to learn “How does one put it all together?” It is hoped that you’ll share with them the benefit of your years of experience, your trials and your tribulations; as you’ve amassed your camp and its accessories. You will control what areas of your camp are open for viewing.

To the winners, prizes and year-long swagger rights as the best of the best! For the rest, a list of new projects or things to buy!

There is no entrance fee and the contest is open to as many as ten teams to enter, or until area set aside is full. There is no limit on the number of members a team may have. The deadline to sign up for the contest is May 1, 2014 (no exceptions).

For full rules, requirements, judging criteria, and questions or contest entry, please contact Master David of Caithness, (David Keen) at

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