Potrero War

Thursday, May 24 2018 - Monday, May 28 2018

Arts and Sciences Point is hosting events for the 2018 Potrero War! Besides the classes, there are a number of activities to check out.

Potrero War 2018 Arts and Sciences Class Schedule


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Arts and Science Competitions at Potrero

Potrero War 2018 Arts and Sciences Competition

Emblazoned Serpents

Heraldic symbols are such an important element in the SCA. The motifs that you choose to display are a symbol of who you are, where you are from, your allegiances, and so much more. For this years competition, use your chosen art form -or take this chance to learn something new - and display arms! They can be yours, or that of your Barony, Kingdom, Household or a friend. Traditionally they are used on banners, flags, and shields, but they can be placed on so much more.

Now for the rules!

  1. Your submission must include emblazoned heraldry. Meaning, the graphic interpretation of the heraldic arms/badge must be included on your submission.

  2. Must have been made in the last year since Potrero 2017.

  3. The medium is open to the artists choosing.

  4. You may submit only one item.

  5. This is an individual competition; no group entries will be permitted.

  6. Documentation is required. Please submit documentation that includes:

    -The blazon (words) of the emblazoned heraldry.

    -Why you choose this art form/your inspiration.

    -Materials used:

    -Did you use in-period or modern materials?

    -Please explain your choice of materials.

    -What did you learn in the process?

    -What advice would you give to others starting in this art form?

    -Sources and Bibliography

Judges Criteria for Heralds Choice (what the judges will be looking for)

  1. Accuracy in emblazon How well does the picture match the words?

  2. Creativity and Difficulty What is this made from, and how is it used?

  3. Workmanship Quality of display and how well does the item fulfill its purpose?

  4. Documentation How well does the artwork match period examples (styles do vary temporally and regionally. Bonus points for documenting a charge/style in a single time and place)?

When and Where

Please bring your entry to Arts & Sciences on Sunday between 9:00am - 10:00am. Judging will start at 10:30am.

There will be two competitions held simultaneously. People's Choice and Heralds Choice.

Voting will be open from 10:30 AM-1:00 PM.

Artists must pick up their entries by 2:00 PM. If you cannot pick up your item, please make arrangements for your entry. Any entries left after 2:00pm will become donations to the Volunteer Raffle.

Winners will be announced at Closing Court on Sunday.

Crafting Solars/Meet & Greets

Please Check Back for Updated Events

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