Potrero War

Thursday, May 23 2019 - Monday, May 27 2019

Arts and Science Classes

Classes are posted in the Google Calendar and available as a PDF for download here. Please check A&S Village and/or Base Camp for the most up to date schedule once you arrive on site.

Potrero War 2019 Arts and Sciences Competition “Teaching & Learning”

Teaching and Learning - a theme not just for this war, but for life! The Arts & Science Competition is designed to showcase learning teams. Each entry will have at least 2 pieces, one from a Teacher/Mentor and one from a Student/Learner.

When and Where

Please bring your entry to Arts & Science Village on Saturday between 12 - 2 pm. Populace Choice Voting is open from 2 - 4 pm. Artists must pick up their entries between 4 - 5 pm. Entries left after 5 pm are donated to the Volunteer Raffle. Winners will be announced at Closing Court on Sunday.

Competition Rules:

  1. The Competition is open to all.
  2. Submissions may be complete or works in progress.
  3. Each entry is comprised of pieces from a team of 2 people, 1 in each role - Teacher/Mentor or Student/Learner. *A person may be either role in multiple teams.
  4. Student/Learner may only submit one entry piece per category.
  5. Teacher/Mentor may have up to 3 pieces in their portion of the entry, which is to represent the inspiration and guidance for the entry piece of the Student/Learner partner. Photographs are acceptable submissions in the Teacher/Mentor role.
  6. Entries must be historically-based and associated with any pre-17th Century culture.
  7. The Student/Learner portion of the entry must be worked on only by the Student/Learner.
  8. Documentation is not required, but is encouraged.
  9. Each entry must include answers to the following questions to be displayed with the pieces. In an attempt to keep all entries anonymous, exclude any identifying information, such as names.

    • As the Teacher/Mentor, what did you learn while working with my Student/Learner?
    • As the Teacher/Mentor, what advice would you give to others starting in this art form?
    • As the Student/Learner, how did your Teacher/Mentor partner encourage and/or inspire you?
    • As the Student/Leaner, what advice would you give to others starting in this art form?


Give us two hours and we'll give you a war!! Looking for some fun Volunteering shifts? Arts and Science Village is looking for people! This is a great place to meet people and see how Arts and Sciences at Potrero War works. Hang out in the shade, meet the teachers, students, and the populace, and have a first hand look at the classes.

To sign up for a volunteer shift, visit the Volunteers page or access iVolunteer, and choose "Arts and Sciences Information Booth". Every Arts and Sciences volunteer gets a volunteer token when they work their shift.

A&S Village Open House / Meet & Greet / Laurel Quest Info

Thursday 3PM - 5PM Drop in for light refreshments and information about the A&S Activities offered during War.

If you are interested in hosting a Crafting Solar/Skill Circle, a Guild Meet-and-Greet, or a Laurel Quest Gathering, please email arts@potrerowar.org.

Crafting Solar/Skill Circles - Guild Meet-and-Greets

Looking to exchange ideas about your craft, or wanting to find other people to geek out about it with you? Host a craft/skill circle! You don't need to be an expert and you don't need to be able to teach.

Guilds! Are you looking to get the word out about your group? Interested in holding a get together with your members and meet potential new ones? We are also extending the invitation to guilds to host a meet-and-greet or craft solar. This is a great way to get the word out about your guild and maybe find some new members.

If you are interested in hosting, you can schedule it at Arts and Sciences Village or at a location of your choosing.

Arts and Sciences Village

Arts and Sciences Village is entering our second year at our new location, and we are looking forward to a great event! We can be found between the main road and merchants parking, close to base camp. Look for the brightly colored signage! Come by and see the activities we have planned!

Arts and Sciences Village Hours: Thursday 3PM - 5PM Open House / Meet & Greet / Laurel Quest Friday and Saturday 9AM - 5PM Sunday 9AM - 3PM

Fri/Sat/Sun Wake up with Arts & Science 8:30-9:30am Coffee, Tea and Nibbles offered (Donations welcome) - followed up with Newcomers Walk About

Classes offered daily. Sign ups strongly encouraged, but not required. Classes with limited seating will be on a first come, first serve basis, with a waiting list available. Please bring a chair, if possible. Our Arts and Sciences volunteers will be on hand to help everyone find their class.

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